Safe travels with Petmate Dog Crates

Safe travels with Petmate Dog Crates

Safe travels with Petmate Dog Crates- It’s vacation time again…YAY!!

Sun, beaches, water, water and I can’t wait to get there. The kids are out of school and it’s time for some fun in the sun….with the family and that of course, means the pets.

Whether we go in the car or by plane or train, we always make sure our four-legged family members have safe travels with our Petmate dog crates. It’s so sturdy it keeps Princess safe where ever we go. It is recommended by lots of vets too.

Since she is familiar with her Petmate dog crate it keeps her cozy in the hotel rooms or at friends. We never have to worry. I got ours at a great price and it so strong enough to last a good long while, 5-year warranty.

Like our family pets it comes in all different sizes and it can let my Princess go with me to Europe, because it is approved for international travel. I’m just glad she goes with me wherever I go.

Should I feed my dog dry food?

Food for the Four-Legged Family Member

If you are like me, you love your pet. Mine is really in charge of everything. She is truly the Princess of our home and I only want what is best for her. Just like you do for your family, I’m sure. But just what is best? There are lots and lots of dog foods and brands and how can you choose?

I can only tell you what I did. I did my homework. Let me tell you with all the canned food, and dry food and different brands it wasn’t easy to decide what was right for me and Princess. But, I got recommendations from dog trainers and from Pet Store owners and finally just did my own research.

Just like us, dogs need wholesome food without chemicals

I was using the regular brands as you can get at any grocery store and Princess was in obedience training. My idea of how to make a good dog a great one. While she was wowing the crowd with her amazing obedience —-we had an accident.

I had gone to get the materials to clean things up and in the meantime, her classmate’s owners were commenting about the stench. Sorry Princess, but it was pretty bad! As we all began to talk, they told me their dog’s poop didn’t smell as bad. Great topic of conversation, huh?

But stick with me, this is important. I discovered they feed their dogs all-natural or organic dog food. Mine wasn’t. I didn’t know there was any real difference, but the boy is there!

Changes Occurred Almost Overnight

In addition to finishing her obedience training top of the class, we found great dog food. It was easy on her stomach and so digestible we had nothing like the smelly waste we used to have. We found natural dry dog food and it really did change everything.

Whether you go natural or organic, you will pay a bit more, but for me, my precious Princess is worth it.

I don’t worry about how her body will react to the chemicals and meals and other things in most dog food. I know I am feeding her high-quality dry food she loves and her coat and eyes and best of all she’s happy!

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