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How Long Does It Take to Crate Training for Puppies

How Long Does It Take to Crate Training for Puppies

How Long Does It Take to Crate Train a Puppy, How to crate train your puppy successfully? Find out all the tips, benefits and advantages of crate training a puppy.

How Long Does It Take to Crate Training for Puppies

How Long Does It Take to Crate Training for Puppies

How Does Crate Training A Puppy Work?

The purpose of crate training a puppy is to encourage your dog to go into his crate on command for safety, obedience and general behavior control.

Acting as a substitute for a den, the crate is also highly effective in housebreaking your puppy fast since dogs generally learn not to soil their resting area.

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An effective training method used successfully by many dog owners and trainers alike, crate training your puppy is also useful when you travel with your dog and the crate can be used to transport your pet dog safely.

What Type Of Crate Should I Use For My Puppy?

It is more logical and economical to buy an adjustable wire crate that can be partition to the right size later to accommodate him as an adult dog.

Make sure that the size of the crate should be big enough with space for your dog to stand up and move around but not too big that it might use one corner to “eliminate”

How Should I Crate Train My Puppy?

Before proceeding with crate training your puppy, place a crate pad, a bowl of water and your dog’s favorite toy in it. Secure the crate’s door open so it won’t hit and frighten him/her accidentally.

After this, start introducing your puppy to the crate by playing with your dog near the crate. Entice your puppy into the crate by placing its favorite snack or toy in the crate.

When your dog enters the crate, be sure to reward it further with praise and gentle patting. This will help associate positive feelings towards the crate.

Repeat the process for the next few days till it is accustom and uses the crate without any prompting.

Young puppies adapt easily to crates however there will be some initial whining or barking. Still, these will go away once your puppy realizes that the crate is his/her new home.

What Are The Keys To Successful Crate Training A Puppy?

Successfully crate training a puppy is to associate it with all things positive with the crate, even when it is alone in it. Never send a dog back to its crate as a form of punishment for any misbehavior. A dog’s attitude to its crate must always be positive.

The best location to place the crate is in a busy area of your house (where you have dinner, or where you spend most of the time with your family), as dogs are social animals and they will enjoy your company.
Provide ample water in the crate for drinking and a chew toy for your puppy to play with.

Place the meal near the crate – this has the effect of creating a positive association between the puppy’s home and his meal.

Make a schedule for your puppy’s toilet needs and avoid leaving him inside the crate longer than 45 minutes after each meal as puppies cannot hold their bowels or bladder very long.

Make sure your puppy is getting plenty of exercise and time out of the crate.

Dog Crate Training Tips, Crate Training and Dog Safety

Although a human sees a dog crate and immediately thinks “scary, confining cage”, canines have a different take on it.

Where a human would feel penned in, a pup feels safe, as long as the crate is utilized appropriately and correctly.

Not only is it their very own den-like object, but it is also useful for the household members.

For instance:

You can use the crate while traveling to ensure the safety of both you and your pup. It is much safer for you and your dog if he has no chance to get hurt interrupt the way you are driving.

Especially with a puppy or small dog, a crate is much safer. While you can belt in a larger dog, any loose pet has the potential to become a flying object in an emergency.

Crate Training for a Dog

Further, a dog in their crate isn’t nosing up to the driver, poking their head completely out of the window, or investigating the car floor for interesting things.

Dogs can be more serene if they know that they can retreat to their “den”. Having his own space helps the dog be more outgoing. If he knows he can retreat when he gets overwhelmed or frightened, your puppy may be willing to risk interaction.

Having a safe place to withdraw also helps a dog that tends to be nervous. A dog that cant retreat to a place of their own may well retreat somewhere in your house that you would rather they did not.

A dog will often establish a den spot in your home. Wouldnt you rather choose a safe place for your dog to retreat to than a place that is unsafe?

Mobile safe zone. When your dog is secure emotionally and physically in his crate, it is much easier taking your dog on family outings.

This means that you do not have to leave your dog all alone less often and can enjoy his company more.

Portable Dog Crates, Folding Dog Crates

Portable Dog Crates

Portable Dog Crates, Folding Dog Crates

Portable dog crates make it easier for you to travel with your dog, but they should also fold up easily making them convenient to store when not in use. It’s worth choosing portable dog crates that are lightweight.

Therefore you won’t have any difficulty when it comes to carrying your dog while in his or her travel crate.

Choosing crates that are easily washable is also an important factor. By taking the time to choose your portable dog crate you can rest assured that your pet will be both comfortable and safe.

It is important to ensure that the portable dog crates that you select are versatile as well as comfortable to ensure that your dog has an enjoyable time in the crate.

One way to make them more comfortable is to add

A pad to the bottom of the crate. Crate (or kennel) pads are hard wearing despite often being made from soft materials, such as fleece, which also enables them to be easily cleaned. They also help make sure that your dog stays warm during colder journeys and help him regulate his or her body temperature during warmer ones.

Portable Dog Crates

Dog crate bedsChoose a crate that provides plenty of room so your dog is comfortable. Your pet should never feel that he or she has been stuffed or crammed into the crate.

Remember, as well as being comfortable it is also important that the dog crates you choose are secure . Check the construction of the crate and be sure that there are no loose straps, frayed or sharp edges.

Many portable crates are constructed from one solid piece so need no extra equipment,

Ensuring that there will be no danger of accidents or injuries occurring from faulty setups. Keeping your portable dog crate choices to those that are well built and don’t require additional equipment is a great way of preventing these injuries.

If you’ve got a show dog in your family or you just love to travel with your pet, then you’ll want to check out the wide variety of portable dog crates, bed dog fleece items, exercise pens etc that are on the market today. There are a large number of new products coming to market and improved older products.

Consider folding dog crates and wire crates that are built for easy storage.

Soft dog crates are always a hit, and go with fleece dog beds, with the smaller dog beds pairing best with suitably sized dog crates and bigger bed dog fleece blankets filling out larger dog crates. Just use common sense.

Make sure dog crates, dog kennels, and dog carriers are lightweight, portable, and easy to clean. Many are fully or partly collapsible, and most are water resistant, designed to be durable, have good visibility, and ventilation in mind.

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Portable dog crates are a good purchase for many dog owners. They may be used for several purposes and can be quite easily packed away when not in use. There are three various types of portable dog crates; they come in a soft sided collapsible version, a hard plastic version, and a foldable wire crate version.

The type to select depends on the needs of the dog owner

The style of dog and the quantity of room in the house and car. One of the main advantages of most of the soft sided dog crates is that they could be folded down and stashed away when not in use.

This makes them very practical for someone who doesn’t make use of the crate often or has a smaller dog. The plastic type is strong and sturdy making them a great choice for puppies that are going through their chewing phase and most of these plastic crates are airline approved.

The benefits of wire crates are:

Better air ventilation, divider panels that enable your dog to grow into its crate and they are typically collapsible and fold easily, which makes them easily moveable. You may use a portable dog crate when you are traveling on an airplane, camping or to crate train a puppy at your house.

If you plan to utilize the crate for travel on an airplane, it’s significant that you purchase a quality crate that suits the rules of the airline. Typically, the plastic dog crates are accepted on airplanes. It is a good idea while flying with your pet to call ahead, in order to figure out the regulations of the particular airline you are flying on.

While choosing a dog crate for a puppy be certain to consider the adult size which the puppy will become as an adult.

Soft sided crates are generally utilized for small breed dogs and aren’t normally a good selection for large breed dogs or puppies.

Although small enough, puppies are known for chewing and might require a crate with rigid sides. The best portable pet crate needs to be big enough for the dog to stand up and turnaround inside, without giving them sufficient room to jump around. These crates vary in cost based on the size of the crate and the material of the crate.

While picking a portable dog crate, take into account the multiple factors you need to consider to help you select which crate will be most beneficially suited to your pet.

It is important to consider the material of the crate, the utmost dimensions of your dog when at full size and it’s also important to bear in mind what the crate will be used for when deciding what type of portable dog crate to invest in. Taking into consideration all of these factors will help any pet owner make a knowledgeable decision when buying portable dog crates.

Wicker Dog Crate Reviews

Wicker Dog Crate

Wicker Dog Crate Reviews & Buying Guide

Wicker dog crates are rapidly growing to be just about the most popular dog crates available. All wicker dog crates are made of imitation wicker for your dogs well being.

Much like other dog crates, the wicker crates are very easily cleaned. These crates have several price ranges. The cost is related to the workmanship of the wicker fine detail.

Wicker Dog CrateToday, dog crates can be a dog’s little den within a person’s house. Dogs appreciate possessing their very own exclusive sanctuary just like people do.

For many years dogs would dig deep dugout holes in the terrain anywhere they were to protect themselves away from other prey when they slept soundly through the night.

This natural demand still persists inside a dog’s DNA

You can help make them feel a lot more at ease with just about anyone of the different types of dog crates on the market such as a wicker dog crate.

Dog crates come in every imaginable dimension to fit the tiniest Chihuahua to the largest Mastiff. The subsequent is a list of the standard sizes of dog crates which include the wicker dog crate:

Extra Small Dog Crate – 18″ – 22″ length

Small Dog Crate – 24″ length

Medium Dog Crate – 30″ length

Intermediate Dog Crate – 36″ length

Large Dog Crate – 42″ length

Extra Large Dog Crate – 48″ length

Colossal Dog Crate – 54″ length

Dog crates are wonderful due to the fact they enable you to get away from your home. Knowing that your dog will be protected in crate that will keep it from doing damage to your home when you are out.

Also, a wicker dog crate is light enough that you are able to carry your pet. Most places you go when driving your car. You don’t have to worry that your dog might hinder your safe driving if it is safely settled in the crate.

Best of all

A crate will allow you to crate train your dog with regard to suitable toilet training. There is certainly ample literature on crate training puppies. Dogs in the proper way that can be found on the internet.

While wicker dog crates are swiftly becoming the most ordered dog crates. You can buy there are some things you should be aware about a wicker dog crate before buying one.

Actually these kinds of crates commonly are not made of genuine rattan wicker simply because that would certainly be unsafe for your dog as. They could possibly choke on the wicker if chewed. The crates are built of a rattan-looking plastic that is sturdy and long lasting.

However, one caveat of purchasing a wicker dog crate is that you ought to stay clear of this model if your dog is a “chewer”. Serious “chewers” are usually known to eat through the plastic-type material and escape in the act.

Although you most likely would have enough time to be able to determine that the dog has been chewing the crate it simply does not seem sensible to purchase this sort of crate knowing beforehand that it will likely be ruined by your dog’s chewing addiction.

Should you be comfortable that your dog is a candidate for a wicker dog crate there are many attractive styles on the market today.

They are usually stylish and may actually supplant end tables as a piece of household furniture within your main living area. Countless consumers report that they are thrilled with their purchase and mention the looks of the crate were among the factors that they were most pleased with the choice.

How to Make a Dog Crate Look Like Furniture

how to make a dog crate look like furniture- Dog Cage Can Make Home Special!

I love my little doxie/minpin mix and wouldn’t trade her for the world. She can be a handful though. When I brought her home, I was surprised that the shelter recommended I get her a Precision Crate dog cage of her own. I’ve had lots of dogs over my lifetime, and none ever had a cage.

It seemed to me to be a cruel thing to lock a loving pet up into a dog crate. but, in spite of my hesitancy, I followed their instruction and got her a cage and a bed for it. Took the cage and the bed and the dog (along with everything else a new dog owner needs) home.

How to Make a Dog Crate Look Like Furniture

Princess enjoyed her new room the Precision Crate

Princess went into her new cage and I left the door open for her. To my amazement, I found that she

enjoyed being in her “room.” Later I talked with a dog trainer who explained to me it was like giving her a space of her own where she could feel safe. I found that when I left she would go into her room voluntarily and seemed quite content.

Of course, I never left her alone for over an hour or so. As she got a bit older and more used to the rules of the house, I would leave the “room” door open and she could go in or not as she chose.

It was surprising to me how often she chose to use her room when given a choice.

Dog Crates and Cages can help with Potty Training your Pet

Having a cage that is the right size can help with potty training as dogs generally won’t go in their “room.”

It can also be a way to protect the dog and visitors if the dog is upset by strangers coming to the home. This can be so even if the stranger is a friend of yours, but the dog doesn’t know them yet.

I found my dog will quit barking at the guest much sooner when she is in her room. Of course, having the doggy doors let’s her have the freedom to come in the house or go outside as her option and having the cage gives her the freedom to choose where she would like to be.

I highly recommend using a cage if you haven’t tried one. It is also great from car traveling, although for airline travel I would recommend a travel crate.

For dogs who are transported in vehicles a lot, they are sturdier than cages and can provide more protection for your pet in the event of an accident.

Safe travels with Petmate Dog Crates

Safe travels with Petmate Dog Crates

Safe travels with Petmate Dog Crates- It’s vacation time again…YAY!!

Sun, beaches, water, water and I can’t wait to get there. The kids are out of school and it’s time for some fun in the sun….with the family and that of course, means the pets.

Whether we go in the car or by plane or train, we always make sure our four-legged family members have safe travels with our Petmate dog crates. It’s so sturdy it keeps Princess safe where ever we go. It is recommended by lots of vets too.

Since she is familiar with her Petmate dog crate it keeps her cozy in the hotel rooms or at friends. We never have to worry. I got ours at a great price and it so strong enough to last a good long while, 5-year warranty.

Like our family pets it comes in all different sizes and it can let my Princess go with me to Europe, because it is approved for international travel. I’m just glad she goes with me wherever I go.

Should I feed my dog dry food?

Food for the Four-Legged Family Member

If you are like me, you love your pet. Mine is really in charge of everything. She is truly the Princess of our home and I only want what is best for her. Just like you do for your family, I’m sure. But just what is best? There are lots and lots of dog foods and brands and how can you choose?

I can only tell you what I did. I did my homework. Let me tell you with all the canned food, and dry food and different brands it wasn’t easy to decide what was right for me and Princess. But, I got recommendations from dog trainers and from Pet Store owners and finally just did my own research.

Just like us, dogs need wholesome food without chemicals

I was using the regular brands as you can get at any grocery store and Princess was in obedience training. My idea of how to make a good dog a great one. While she was wowing the crowd with her amazing obedience —-we had an accident.

I had gone to get the materials to clean things up and in the meantime, her classmate’s owners were commenting about the stench. Sorry Princess, but it was pretty bad! As we all began to talk, they told me their dog’s poop didn’t smell as bad. Great topic of conversation, huh?

But stick with me, this is important. I discovered they feed their dogs all-natural or organic dog food. Mine wasn’t. I didn’t know there was any real difference, but the boy is there!

Changes Occurred Almost Overnight

In addition to finishing her obedience training top of the class, we found great dog food. It was easy on her stomach and so digestible we had nothing like the smelly waste we used to have. We found natural dry dog food and it really did change everything.

Whether you go natural or organic, you will pay a bit more, but for me, my precious Princess is worth it.

I don’t worry about how her body will react to the chemicals and meals and other things in most dog food. I know I am feeding her high-quality dry food she loves and her coat and eyes and best of all she’s happy!